5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Golf Game

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5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Golf Game

Golf swing suck? Game not on par? These apps, handhelds, and other small devices will boost your performance on the course. Hello, victory.

Another device built to zero in on the flag, the Bushnell Hybrid Laser GPS — a combination rangefinder and GPS — estimates within one yard of accuracy. Though the price tag’s a little steep, you’re paying for brand new laser technology that gives you an even more accurate reading to the center of the green. And it’s worth it. Pinseeker technology focuses right on the flag and filters out obstructions to read a spot-on shot. It also gives you distance to front, center, and back of the green so you can take into account slope or wind variables that might change offset ball when it lands. Complete with over 25,000 golf course maps. ($500; bushnellgolf.com)


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