5 Toughest HD Mini Cameras for Your Adventure Trip

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5 Toughest HD Mini Cameras for Your Adventure Trip

Dirt, dust, freezing temps, or salt water? No problem. You can shoot pictures and HD video in any conditions with these nearly unbreakable cameras.
We know it gets a lot of attention from us, but face it: the GoPro attachable cam isn’t for every guy. If you’re into filming your action, but want more variety in what you shoot with, go for a dustproof, shockproof, waterproof, practically unbreakable camera that’ll keep up with your badass adventures.

These ultra-durable cameras shoot crystal clear photos, and 1080p HD video, so you can capture your adventures in both formats. Want to see your footage in slow motion? Done. Most shoot at 60 frames per second (fps) or more. Need someone to take your picture? Done. Your smartphone or tablet can act as a remote for some of these action cams.

Here are the top five toughest mini HD cams. Go ahead, be rough on them. Bring back adventure trip footage from one of these and you’ll score major bragging rights next time you grab beers with friends.


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