5 Ways Technology Threatens Your Health

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5 Ways Technology Threatens Your Health

Being connected 24/7 can strain your eyes, screw up your sleep, and may even cause cancer. Here, how to do a digital detox without dropping off the grid.

How long does it take to type a 140-character Tweet? Probably not long enough to cut into your gym time, right? Or maybe yes…In a study of 49 college students, those who used their cell phones the most (either browsing, texting, Tweeting, or chatting) tended to perform poorer on cardiorespiratory fitness tests and reported being less physically active than those who used their phones less. “As cell phone use goes up, fitness goes down,” says lead study author Andrew Lepp, Ph.D., associate professor at the College and Graduate School of Education, Health, and Human Services at Kent State University.


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