5 Ways Technology Threatens Your Health

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5 Ways Technology Threatens Your Health

Being connected 24/7 can strain your eyes, screw up your sleep, and may even cause cancer. Here, how to do a digital detox without dropping off the grid.

Experts say the jury’s still out on whether evidence proves increased cell phone use is linked to cancer. Cell phones give off radio waves (a non-ionizing type of radiation, similar to what comes out of the microwave). Current research shows the only known effect of non-ionizing radiation is the production of heat, but newer studies suggest that depending on how long and often the phone is used, and its proximity to brain, it could have other potentially harmful effects. Alpa Patel, Ph.D., strategic director of the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Prevention Study 3, says she wouldn’t say certain cell phone behavior is linked to increased risk of cancer. “But, there’s definitely a need for significant research.”


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