6 Habits That Shorten the Life of Your Running Shoes

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6 Habits That Shorten the Life of Your Running Shoes

Plus simple ways to squeeze out more miles.

Running in the rain feels great on a hot day, but if you do it too often you could be wearing down the arch support and construction of your shoes. If you can’t dodge the elements, avoid drying your shoes with direct sunlight or heat, like a dryer or radiator, which can break down the strength of the shoe’s adhesives. Instead, “remove the insoles and stuff your shoes with newspaper to absorb the moisture and help keep the shape of the shoe intact,” suggests Henwood. “Replace the newspaper every three to four hours to speed the rate of drying. While they’re airing out, store them in a cool, moisture-free area and avoid wearing them again until they are completely dry, which can take up to two days." 

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