“There’s an app for that” isn’t as catchy as it used to be—because there really is an app to help you do almost anything, from drinking more water to diagnosing an STD (more on that in a minute). Unfortunately, having a dizzying number of downloads at your fingertips makes navigating your phone or tablet’s app store a pain in the ass. That’s why we’re always excited when somebody takes the time to tinker with apps and figure out which ones work best and cost us next to nothing.

Our friends at Greatist.com recently compiled the 64 best health and fitness apps. Think your smartphone’s helping you stay fit? Compare your downloads to what’s on this list. Turns out, we’re well acquainted with a bunch of these, like:

  • GymPact: Skip a workout? You’re going to be out a chunk of change. How’s that for staying on track? (See: Is Making Money the Best Workout Motivation?)
  • MapMyFitness: Don’t want to shell out serious cash for a GPS-enabled running watch? This free app uses your phone’s GPS to track how many miles you’ve covered, plus it saves the route you traveled in case you want to run it again.

But this one was news to us…

  • STD Triage: Worried you might have an STD? This app lets you snap a photo of your nether region and send it off (anonymously) to a team of licensed dermatologists who can assess what’s going on. (We still think seeing the doc is a damn good idea.)

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