8 Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Gadgets

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8 Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Gadgets

From correcting your posture to tracking your sleep quality to diagnosing your next cold or flu, these brand new high-tech tools can help you live a fitter, healthier life.

When you hear “Bluetooth,” you probably think of those silly earpieces used to take calls on your cell phone, hands-free. Or maybe you’re a fan of Bluetooth Stereo, which transmits music from your smartphone to wireless speakers or headphones. Well, now there’s an even-better Bluetooth in town—one that can help you stay healthy and fit. Bluetooth 4.0 uses less power (read: it won’t kill your device’s battery life as quickly) to send data, like heart rate, hours slept, and calories burned, from a portable gadget to your smartphone or tablet. What kind of portable gadgets are we talking about? Here are eight health and fitness-focused Bluetooth 4.0-endowed devices that you’ll want to get your hands on as soon as they go on sale.

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