8 Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Gadgets

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8 Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Gadgets

From correcting your posture to tracking your sleep quality to diagnosing your next cold or flu, these brand new high-tech tools can help you live a fitter, healthier life.

You think you’re living an active and healthy lifestyle, but this gadget can give you the reality check you need to really be your best. Slip a colorful Fitbit Flex strap onto your wrist and the device tracks all of the movement from your busy day (and night)—distance traveled, steps taken, calories burned—along with how long and how well you slept. All of your activity (or lack thereof) is transmitted via Bluetooth 4.0 to an Android or Apple mobile device and/or a PC, where you can track progress toward your get-fit goals. ($100, fitbit.com/flex)


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