8 Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Gadgets

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8 Bluetooth 4.0 Fitness Gadgets

From correcting your posture to tracking your sleep quality to diagnosing your next cold or flu, these brand new high-tech tools can help you live a fitter, healthier life.

Most fitness gadgets track horizontal, ground-based movement, like running and walking. But the Mayfonk Athletic Vert clip-on belt measures the height of your jumps. Vert uses Bluetooth 4.0 to send your vertical movement data to a series of sports-specific Mayfonk iOS apps such as basketball, BMX biking, track, volleyball, and even jump roping, depending on what you’re into. The gadget identifies repetitious movements that could cause overuse injuries and helps coaches and athletes gauge performance over time. ($100-$120, mayfonkathletic.com, available spring 2013)


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