9 Spring Cycling Essentials Every Guy Should Ride With

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9 Spring Cycling Essentials Every Guy Should Ride With

From gloves to socks, find the right layers for road biking in fickle weather. Here’s everything you need to max your next workout.

Castelli’s Nanoflex Arm Warmers, and Nanoflex Knee Warmers (pictured left) are excellent for those 50-to-60-degree days when you need a bit more warmth without donning a full layer. The Nanoflex fabric is breathable, stretchy, and highly water-resistant to keep to chill off in dry and wet conditions alike. Comfortable and easy to pull on with the shifting weather, they’ll also stay in place when you’re moving, thanks to the two-sided silicone grippers. Getting hot? Fold them in your jersey pocket and forget about them. ($60 each; castelli-cycling.com)

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