Are You Man Enough to Unplug?

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Are You Man Enough to Unplug?

Reverse the negative effects of your overconnected life.

1. Close your e-mail

You might think you’re good at multitasking, but studies show that when people do many things at once, they just waste most of their time switching between tasks. Take e-mail: According to a Longborough University study, it takes about 64 seconds to return to your regular speed of work after reading a new message. What’s worse, a recent study from Carnegie Mellon found that when people were interrupted while performing a cognitive skill task, they answered 20% more questions wrong than people who were left alone. David Rock, director of the NeuroLeadership Institute and author of Your Brain at Work, suggests turning your e-mail off while doing anything important. “If you think looking at an e-mail is distracting, not looking at e-mail is even more distracting,” he says. “What if it’s a million dollars? If you know there are e-mails, you won’t be able to stop yourself.”

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