The Best Bikes of 2015-2016

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The Best Bikes of 2015-2016

From mountain bikes to sleek electric bikes and everything in between, this is the MEN'S FITNESS guide to riding on two wheels.

Pedal Assisted and Motorized

Specialized - Turbo S

Sometimes you want that extra boost to get you where you need to go—damn fast. The Turbo S from Specialized has a powerful electric assist motor capable of just that, and easy cruising speeds, too. With a high-capacity battery, powerful disc brakes, and a sleek alloy frame with Performance Geometry, this is an e-bike that stands out. Its custom Turbo alloy fork is built to reach higher speeds (it even has a fender), its Turbo SC specialized motor is the most powerful version available on the market and capable of rapid accelerations no matter the weather, and it has regenerative breaking options to help your battery charge last longer. Oh—and you don’t have to worry about someone swiping your bike. The Turbo’s integrated down tube battery has a self-locking key release.  

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