The Best Bikes of 2015-2016

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The Best Bikes of 2015-2016

From mountain bikes to sleek electric bikes and everything in between, this is the MEN'S FITNESS guide to riding on two wheels.

Evelo - Orion
Starting from $2,069,

If you want a fully stocked and loaded electric bike, the Orion is a great choice. The customizable bike is the perfect blend of style, comfort, and convenience, with plenty of cargo-carrying capacity, a longer-lasting mid-drive motor, and a high-performance lithium battery pack that provides you with 40 miles on a single charge. This bike is designed for the casual, recreational rider to hop and go whenever he pleases. Some other unique features include a SmartAssist OnBoard computer to adjust the level of electrical assistance from the motor and track your speed and distance, front and rear V-brakes that cut off the motor so you’re always in control, front and rear LED lights, a fast-charging battery (4-6 hours), and a USB port so you can keep your phone charged at all times. A dead GPS won't get you very far.    

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