The Best Bikes of 2015-2016

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The Best Bikes of 2015-2016

From mountain bikes to sleek electric bikes and everything in between, this is the MEN'S FITNESS guide to riding on two wheels.

Fat Bikes

Specialized - Fatboy Pro Trail

Sometimes bigger is better; and boy is this bike bigger and better than your run-of-the mill fat bike. The Fatboy Pro Trail is the ultimate vehicle for navigating sand, snow, dirt, and anything else you want to trounce over with expert control, traction, and speed. It features a durable carbon one-by drivetrain and powerful brakes so you can hit the trails with confidence. With its superwide 4.6-inch tires—more than twice the size of a standard mountain bike—the Fatboy Pro Trail is essentially a monster truck. And like you'd imagine, it's an incredibly comfortable ride; the air sprung suspension fork absorbs bumps and uneven terrain like a dream. 

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