Best Hiking Gear: 12 Cool-Weather Essentials

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Best Hiking Gear: 12 Cool-Weather Essentials

Planning an outdoor adventure this fall? From the best hiking backpack to the sturdiest boots, these products will cover you every step of the way.

For serious trail-goers, hiking goes far beyond a mono-elevation stroll along a popular, double-track trail. It's about topographical maps, hidden trailheads, mountainside scrambles, quad-burning descents, and (probably) the delicious post-hike beer or two at a local watering hole after the sweat dries.

So Men's Fitness rounded up this season’s prime hiking gear, ideal if you’re tackling a multi-day climb up neighboring mountain peaks or ditching your desk to spend a few uninterrupted hours with Mother Nature. From reliable boots to storm-ready jackets, you’ll be well prepped for your trip to the top.


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