Best Hiking Gear: 12 Cool-Weather Essentials

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Best Hiking Gear: 12 Cool-Weather Essentials

Planning an outdoor adventure this fall? From the best hiking backpack to the sturdiest boots, these products will cover you every step of the way.

Marmot Speedlight Jacket

Mother Nature doesn't care about raining on your parade, and this Marmot Speedlight Jacket will keep you warm and dry in the harshest of unexpected weather conditions. Its gale-force hood with laminated wire brim whisks raindrops away from your face to improve visibility, and the elastic drawcord hem tightens around your waist to ensure fitted closure. Sure, the price tag's seemingly steep, but you pay for every valuable inch of heavy duty, triple-layer, lightweight (just 12.3 ounces!), waterproof protection. And believe us, staying dry is priceless when you're mile-high on a windy mountain.



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