The Best Sport Watches For Outdoor Sports

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The Best Sport Watches For Outdoor Sports

From advanced GPS features to the ultimate in water resistance, these workout gadgets do it all. Read on for a round-up of watches that fit every need.

4. G-Shock Lap Memory 60, $99

Best for interval running and training

Consider this your economy lap-watch that looks pretty damn good too, because not only is it affordable and built for interval runners—but it also offers the same sleekness and fashion-forward design G-Shock is known for. It’ll help you achieve your goals, storing up to 60 records in memory (including date, lap and split time) and logging up to 24 hours of data, plus you can set its repeating countdown timer to get an audible alert every time you need to slow down or speed up for an interval.

But its coolest feature? Turn your wrist to face you…and it automatically illuminates. Buy it at Macy’s, Bloomingdales, and on


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