The Best Sport Watches For Outdoor Sports

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The Best Sport Watches For Outdoor Sports

From advanced GPS features to the ultimate in water resistance, these workout gadgets do it all. Read on for a round-up of watches that fit every need.

6. New Balance NX990, $199.99

Best for cardio training and weight loss

Meet your new personal trainer! This watch can’t yell at you to work harder, but it can help you get results in other ways—namely, its heart rate monitor and calorie-burn tracker will help you ensure you’re working hard enough to reach your goals. Bonus features: Easy-to-use software for downloading workout data to your computer (sorry Mac users: it’s PC only); a rechargeable battery; and a digitally-coded chest strap for no crosstalk—so you don’t pick up the heart rate signals from those running around you. Check it out at


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