The Best Sport Watches For Outdoor Sports

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The Best Sport Watches For Outdoor Sports

From advanced GPS features to the ultimate in water resistance, these workout gadgets do it all. Read on for a round-up of watches that fit every need.

8. Garmin Forerunner 10, $129.99

Best for distance running

Despite being Garmin’s lightest watch yet, the GPS-enabled Forerunner 10 is still damn high on functionality. It displays distance on one screen and calories and pace on another — plus it motivates you on all those long runs, automatically alerting you when you complete each mile.

And as if that’s enough to put you on the PR track for your next race, its Virtual Pacer feature compares your current running pace to your target—and then, when your workout is over, it will upload your run to your computer so you can see your route on a map. Check it out at


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