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Building the World's Greatest Bike

Five cities compete to create the most efficient set of wheels in the world.

Strap on that helmet because a new wave of bikes is about to be introduced to the urban lifestyle. A competition called "The Bike Design Project" is underway and teams from five cities (Chicago, New York City, Portland, San Francisco, and Seattle) have been given the task of designing a bicycle that fits the needs of city-goers. As more people become environmentally conscious, more are giving up their gas-guzzling cars and peddling around their cities instead. 

This is the Super Bowl of bike-building, where the teams are competing not only for the benefit of the environment, but also for the pride of their home city. Each squad is focusing on turning the cumbersome bicycle into a sleeker and smarter design that fits the needs of a busy lifestyle.

Follow the teams' progress and vote for the design you like best at

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