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The Celebrities Most Likely to Give You a Computer Virus

The Celebrities Most Likely to Give You a Computer Virus

An innocent Google search for that Jimmy Kimmel skit from last week could be riddled with danger. Actually, according to the antivirus company McAfee, Jimmy Kimmel is the most dangerous celebrity to search for online.

The IT company used its own site ratings over the past eight years to find out what celebrities give you the largest risk of landing on a site loaded with spyware, viruses, and/or malware. Jimmy Kimmel ranked supreme with an almost 20% chance of routing you to a dangerous website.

Want to know what other celebrities could be the demise of your computer? Read on.

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Jimmy Kimmel gives you a 19.38% chance of risk. Yikes.

The DJ falls just under Kimmel with a risk factor of 19.33%. 

The R&B singer is also a top performer—in terms of risk percentage, that is. She comes in third with 19.31%.

The rapper comes right round at 18.89%—definitely whistle-worthy.

The "Born to Run" singer holds strong on McAfee's list with a risk factor of 18.82%, which should make you want to run.

Shelton is another artist who tops the charts at 18.47%.

Oops...(you get the gist). Spears is not so lucky no. 7 on the risk list with 19.19%.

You'll definitely be livin' on a prayer checking out Bon Jovi on the web. The singer has a risk factor of 17.64%.

Handler is dangerously funny with a risk factor of 17.22%.

What a girl wants is definitely not what your computer wants. Aguilera comes in at 16.67%. 


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