Fall 2013's Best Hiking and Trail Running Gear

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Fall 2013's Best Hiking and Trail Running Gear

From base layers to ultralight down jackets to trail shoes, these 10 new items will help you hit the trail light and fast this fall.

Everyone should bring some type of light along with them on late fall runs. Headlamps have long been the choice of trail runners and hikers as they leave your hands free and your eyes on the trail, but that usually meant having to often clumsily switch between the wide-angle lens or the long-distance light. With Petzel’s new Tikka RXP, those annoying disruptions are over. This USB-rechargeable LED headlamp has Reactive Lighting tech that allows the light output and beam pattern to instantly adjust to the environment—no more bumping into shadowy trees or stepping into a dark tangle of roots. ($89.95, rei.com)


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