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Four Life-Changing Ergonomic Chairs

You might have to sit all day, but that doesn't mean you have to sit still. Here are four active alternatives to conventional desk chairs.


Along with alternative desk chairs, more people are opting for standing or adjustable-height desks. However, sometimes standing all day isn’t a realistic option. It might be nice to stand up for a few hours, or maybe for short periods of time, but having the option to sit is nice, too. The Muvman gives standers the option to “perch” or lean as they work. The stool is height-adjustable and can be used with most standing desks. Just like the Swopper, the Muvman allows for more motion while seated. It helps improve posture, and works to maintain the natural “S” curve of your back, which will help fight back pain and aches. It also strengthens and conditions the muscles of your back, core, and legs, and promotes greater overall circulation. Again, it's one of the pricier options, but when you factor in how much better you'll feel (and how many trips to the chiropractor you'll save) it's a good investment.

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