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THE COMEDIAN // Bringing Tonight into today

Jimmy Fallon brought late-night television into the digital age. Now he can’t wait to get his hands on The Tonight Show.

"I'm wearing more suits than I ever thought I would,” Jimmy Fallon tells me over the phone. He’s in L.A., I’m in New York, which is only fitting; next year, the 39-year-old entertainer will bring The Tonight Show back to the Empire State for the first time in more than two decades when he takes over from Jay Leno. “I feel like in my head I’ll never grow up—I’m always going to be a kid, just ’cause that’s what keeps my brain moving—being interested in the new video game, the new technology.” That edginess is what’s enabled Fallon to reimagine the late-night television format for a younger generation, starting with Late Night. “We made it modular so that different pieces of the show could be enjoyed online, which a lot of shows hadn’t done,” says Fallon, who’s excited to bring similar innovation and energy to his new gig, despite feeling somewhat nervous. But he’s been here before. “I never thought I’d end up hosting a talk show,” he admits. “The only way to learn how to do these jobs, or any job really, is to just get in there and start doing it. —Dean Stattmann

Fit Fact: Fallon works out three times a week and keeps tabs on his body-fat percentage with a Withings scale, which he’s very excited to talk about. He’s also a proud new father to a baby girl, who he expects will dramatically improve his diet: “Now, with the baby, I’m just going to eat pureed vegetables.” We advised him against it.

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