The Game-Changing Technologies of the Winter Olympics

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The Game-Changing Technologies of the Winter Olympics

How training and gear innovations will help determine the outcome of the Winter Games.

While the most prominent technologies impacting the Winter Games may be geared toward guaranteeing snow in the mountains above the balmy beach resort and detecting terrorist-planted bombs, there are dozens of lower-profile innovations at work in every athletic competition—better equipment, smarter training regimens and, in some cases, cooler-looking shoes.

You see, when national pride is at stake, innovators and Olympians pull out all the stops, looking for new ways to outperform the competition and, hopefully, shatter a few records on the way to the podium. We’re talking about race car-inspired bobsleds, 3-D motion sensors that help figure skaters master the triple Lutz, and top-secret aerodynamic uniforms that resemble superhero threads.

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