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The Hottest Trend in Training Sneakers: Mid-Tops

5 cutting-edge shoes in the trendiest silhouette of the season.

Long gone are the days where you only had one pair of gym shoes that looked identical to everyone else’s (including your old man’s) to get the job done.

Today, we expect constant updates to our sneaker models each season (and in-between seasons). That includes updates to the exterior to keep your style game fresh as well as to the high-tech interior to boost performance. 

This spring, we’ve spotted one design in particular that's really trending: The mid-cut silhouette. The purpose of the slightly higher rise is to create a more snug fit for ankle support when moving in every direction. Now, the mid-cut design isn't "new." But, when it's revived in a new shoe—specifically a training shoe that has the versatility to allow you to run, lift, and do everything in between—we have to have 'em.

So, we compiled five mid-top kicks from performance brands who’ve absolutely nailed the trendAs you can see, the following shoes are cool, comfortable, and if you continue to read on, you'll find out how they'll completely enhance your performance.

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