How to Build a Home Gym Anywhere

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How to Build a Home Gym Anywhere

Get the right gear to workout in the backyard, the garage, or even in your office.
Moving your workouts out back gives you even more room to swing kettlebells around and throw medicine balls farther. Train like a strongman and flip tractor tires across the yard (you can get these for dirt cheap or—better yet, free—from a nearby tire yard). Channel your inner Paul Bunyan and chop wood. Of course, a sledgehammer from your local hardware store works in place of an axe, too. Get a little creative, utilizing everyday stuff you wouldn’t think of as gym equipment—“such as a beer keg,” Stankowski says. “Anything that can be done with a barbell can be done with a keg.” A standard-size keg weighs 29.7 pounds, plus 129 pounds when filled with water. (Of course, you’ll have to empty the keg first before you can use it; surely that will be an arm-twisting chore.)


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