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How To Get Published

Six mistakes you can’t make if you want to write for fitness magazines.

4 Failing to find an angle.

An ab workout is never just a collection of ab exercises. It needs a fun, creative sales pitch to dress it up. Whatever your workout philosophy, consider how it will appeal to the specific audience that reads the publication, and what it offers that makes it distinct. Just listing ab exercises and swearing that they got your clients six-packs isn’t enough.

5 Repeating an idea that worked somewhere else.

Magazines certainly aren’t as timely as the Internet, but they still strive to offer something new every month. If you’ve been lucky already and gotten published in your local paper, another magazine, or on a website, don’t think that you can change a few words to the story and sell it again. It’s embarrassing when a magazine is about to run a story that just came out a week earlier under another brand. And if you embarrass your editor, you’re not likely to get any more work from him/her. TIP: If the idea you’re pitching has appeared elsewhere, tell your editor first, and be prepared to spin it a different way.

6 Being too rigid.

Everyone wants to protect their integrity, but magazines are a business like any other. If your editor wants to make mention of specific supplements in your nutrition piece, be open to the idea. You’ll almost always get a say in what brand or type the story recommends, so don’t reject the request on principle.

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