Indestructible Gear for Mud Runs

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Indestructible Gear for Mud Runs

Dominate your next adventure race with the best breathable, lightweight gear guaranteed to withstand a beating — so you can survive in one piece.
Running a mud race or tackling an obstacle course is no joke. You know that. You train like a madman to whip your butt into shape for the sizzling electric shocks, muddy sludge, greasy monkey bars, fire pits, or frigid water. And so you should — most mud runs aren't for the faint hearted.

But know this: your intense training won’t matter if soggy shorts, misfit shoes, or cold, wet layers slow you down. Just as you're prepping your body with thoughtfully planned workouts and strategic eating, you better be ready when it comes to gear, too. Here’s our lineup of the best moisture-wicking, quick dry, contour-fitting products that can withstand a beating — so you can cross the finish line in one piece.

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