Indestructible Gear for Mud Runs

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Indestructible Gear for Mud Runs

Dominate your next adventure race with the best breathable, lightweight gear guaranteed to withstand a beating — so you can survive in one piece.
Your shoe is arguably the most important piece of mud run gear you’ll buy. If you're wearing a misfit pair, the course will feel much more brutal. But lucky for you, Under Armour designed a series of kicks that are flexible, breathable, and provides extra traction—ideal for an obstacle course. Our favorite? The UA Spine Reflective Storm Running Shoe was engineered to mimic the human spine's twisting range of motion. This running shoe is ultra lightweight at just 9.45 ounces, and like your own spine, it flexes under pressure without sacrificing structural support, at the midfoot and forefoot. Water rolls off of the upper, and a solid rubber outsole provides crucial durability for blasting through mud. ($90;


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