Indestructible Gear for Mud Runs

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Indestructible Gear for Mud Runs

Dominate your next adventure race with the best breathable, lightweight gear guaranteed to withstand a beating — so you can survive in one piece.
Though you probably wouldn’t wear it during a race (you’d get too hot), a jacket is a vital layer in your warm up, cool down, and certainly post-race when you’re standing around looking for that celebratory beer. The New Balance Raptor Jacket will keep the chill away without hanging heavily off your frame, allowing you full range of motion—even if you have three layers underneath. Water resistant woven overlays protect your core from getting wet, and moisture management technology pulls sweat away from your skin to the outside. Plus, the jacket’s semi-fitted style keeps it closer to your body than a larger fitting parka, therefore trapping warmth even more effectively. ($70;


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