The weather's getting warmer (although sometimes your gym is just hot as hell anyway) and you've got to have yourself a pair of versatile and comfortable trunks with a bit of style. So we tried on a pair of Jaco's hybrid training trunks and put them to the test. The Look They're made of out of polytheurane, similar to what wetsuits are made out of so the material is very nice on the skin and is quite flexible. The length is cut slightly shorter than your traditional shorts but don't worry, it's not too high above the knee and showing too much. The trunks were, without a doubt, cut and crafted with feel, functionality and maneuverability in mind but also with a touch of athletic style. The Fit The Jaco brand is known for its "Hybrid Training Gear" designed specifically for a variety of different sports including MMA and cross-training so the actual fit and way the trunks flow on the body is essential. The waist is cut exactly to size, not based on generic small, medium or large sizes. If you're a 30, you're getting a 30, however, if you do happen to fall in between sizes the shorts have been manufactured with a string that evenly pulls additional material closer to the waist without getting clunky or awkward. We trained with them during body weight routines, weight training routines and 5k runs. You shouldn't expect to experience any snagging from excess material or irritation from rubbing/friction on the body. Jaco nailed this category. Bonuses The Velcro fly appears to be high quality and it's very strong when opening and closing, which is key for long-term durability. As a part of our testing protocol of the trunks, we constantly opened and closed the velcro fly in addition to washing the garment to gauge its durability, the strength of the Velcro didn't lose its grip after several tests. An additional cool factor to the trunks is the 4-6-inch slits on each side of the leg for better maneuverability when training. Imagine a fighter working with someone, or a weight lifter training on leg day with squats and lunges. The trunks material stretched very well when performing various flexibility exercises. The side slits were also very helpful when performing deep squats and lunges. Ever have extra material on shorts get in the way during squats? Well it won't happen with these trunks. The Verdict The look Jaco is going for is simple and sharp. For training trunks, they're a good fit—stylish with a few bells and whistles such as the velcro fly, side slits and polytheurane base material. The garment remains as comfortable on the skin from minute one of training all the way through minute 90, even with the increase in perspiration. After several weight training routines, rubbing against weights and equipment, all of the material and stitching demonstrated quality craftsmanship and durability. The Jaco training trunks are a great go-to for any type of training you participate in.

Jaco Hybrid Training Trunks
The hybrid polytheurane training shorts for athletes of all activity types.
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The hybrid polytheurane training shorts for athletes of all activity types.
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