La Sportiva Futura Climbing Shoes Review

Are you ready to trade in your intermediate climbing shoes for a high-tech advanced pair? The La Sportiva Futuras are worth a look.


La Sportiva's No Edge design and Vibram minimalist soles keep your feet protected while making sure they're still sensitive to the textures of the rock. The synthetic upper won't stretch, keeping the fit the same every time you wear them, and the Fast Lacing Sytem makes them easy to slip on and off. The hooked toe with patented P3 (Permanent Power Platform) technology makes sure it keeps its aggressive shape, making it ideal for the tiniest footholds.

The Feel

I guess this is something between a laceup (my least favorite because it's hard to get a uniform fit from one use to the next) and Velcro tabs (my second favorite). Ordinarily I prefer moccasin-style shoes (no laces) because they fit the same every time. But these are very nice; easy to take on and off quickly with a consistent fit. They could change my mind about what works best.

The Look

It's not my favorite La Sportiva design—I don't really care much for the blue and yellow color scheme and the Velcro tab on laceups looks a bit awkward. My toes turned blue after the first use, but that always happens with new climbing shoes.

Futura Specs


It has a very aggressive arched sole, with a good sharp toe design. which makes it easy to focus your weight on very small holds. I found it ideal for hard bouldering problems. Meanwhile, the extra tread on the heel is ideal for heel hooks.

The Downsides

The aggressive design also makes falling more painful because the impact goes directly to your toes and sole, preventing your arches from absorbing the impact. The shape also makes them difficult to walk in, even for short distances. Outdoor climbers would definitely need an approach shoe.

The Verdict

Overall, these are a great choice when you're ready to upgrade to serious climbing shoes. Solid construction from quality materials, comfortable, consistent fit, and they bring your climbing abilities to the next level. 




La Sportiva




4.0 Stars


Advanced rock climbers need to look no further for an aggressive climbing shoe that will help navigate the toughest routes.

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Advanced rock climbers need to look no further for an aggressive climbing shoe.


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