Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

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Mother's Day Gift Guide 2014

Flowers are never a bad idea, but they get a little redundant. Surprise your mom with one of these hot gifts that don't die after a week.

The wellness movement is alive and thriving, and at the center of it is fresh, nutrient-packed juice. Most people shell out big bucks for cold-pressed juice at the local juice bar because at-home juicers are notoriously loud, clunky and impossible to clean. Not this one. The Juicepresso operates at half the speed of most cold press juicers providing maximum juice-extraction. It's sleek design also makes it easy to clean--all you have to do is pull the single internal piece out and place it in the dishwasher. Bonus: it's also BPA free. Your mom will have a blast experimenting with different healthy juice recipes, especially when it's so easy with a product like this.


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