Packable Workout Gear to Stay Fit On the Go

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Packable Workout Gear to Stay Fit On the Go

Hotel gym not up to par? Here are 9 travel fitness essentials that won’t take up too much space in your suitcase—and can give you a well-rounded workout on the road.
Space is hardly an issue for yoga—as long as you can lay your mat in a spot and concentrate, you have enough room to do a warrior pose. And a GoFit Yogaletics Exercise Mat is a perfect meditation-match for a stressful business trip. Stretch out your worries on the squishy rubber mat that rolls up easily in your checked luggage, or that’s even light enough to carry underneath your arm if you’re only bringing a small bag. The cotton/poly bottom layer will prevent any sliding, ensuring you can find your zen even on the road. ($40,

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