Power Up: 9 Charging Gadgets Every Guy Needs

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Power Up: 9 Charging Gadgets Every Guy Needs

Are your mobile devices always running out of juice? Here are the best new rigs to give your gadgets extra battery life while you’re on the go.
Okay, so you can’t actually own this one, but it’s just too cool not to mention. After one too many requests to charge gadgets behind the bar, an entrepreneurial-minded bartender came up with this bright idea. Next time you're at a hotel, casino, bar, or other event space look out for Brightbox. This totally secure charging kiosk has six slots where people with power-less devices can store and charge their gadgets, worry-free. Simply swipe your credit card to unlock the compartment, plug in your stuff, then get on with your business. When you're ready retrieve your phone with the same card. (Price varies per charge based on venue and event. Flat charge of $2-$3 for unlimited time; brightboxcharge.com)


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