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Essential Gear for Rock Climbing and Bouldering

Like to get high in the great outdoors? Here's what you'll need to reach the summit.

4. Petzl Sama Climbing Harness
“Companies can’t put out harnesses these days without getting approved by a massive number of agencies, so almost all of them are safe,” Bechtel says. “Look for an ‘all-around’ harness. They’re durable and comfortable, and don’t weigh that much more than the thinner harnesses.” ($70;

5. Ropes
“Look for a single rope between 9 and 10mm in diameter,” Bechtel advises. “If you live in a rainy environment, like the Pacific Northwest or Northeast, opt for ropes with dry coating.” ($70–300;

6. Mission Crash Pad
A necessity for bouldering, this crash pad is made of upholstery-grade foam for a safer, longer-lasting landing area. ($275;

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