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The Science Behind HyperIce's Game-Changing Recovery Tech

There's a reason pro athletes from LeBron James to Patrick Peterson use HyperIce's tech to soothe their sore joints and muscles: It works.
Clippers power forward Blake Griffin wears the HyperIce shoulder sleeve.

When LeBron James puts his name on a pair of shoes, all the kids on the block notice.

But when LeBron puts on a revolutionary new piece of recovery equipment, all the pros take note—and then they start wearing that revolutionary new recovery equipment, too.

That’s the success story behind HyperIce, the innovative brand of “ice compression” sleeves designed by Anthony Katz. 

Troy Polamalu was an early investor in HyperIce. Blake Griffin uses it. So do Lindsey Vonn and Hope Solo. All-galaxy NFL defensive back Patrick Peterson just signed on. But HyperIce’s network of athletes is much larger than that. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and Carmelo Anthony use it too, and for one good reason: It works damn well.

Here’s an inside look at the science and design that makes HyperIce—and the company’s new Vyper foam roller—the game-changing tech of the year.



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