Shoe Review: Adidas Crazy Light 2

The first time I put on a pair Adidas Crazy Light 2’s, I took them right back off.

Something didn’t seem quite right about them. For one, as advertised by Adidas, they’re light. At 9.5 ounces there’s a strong chance that these sneakers are a lot lighter than anything else you’ve ever played basketball in, Adidas even says that they’re 10% lighter than the closest competitor’s shoe. For years, we’ve thoughtthat basketball shoes should be sturdy to prevent ankle sprains and the stiff construction means additional weight. Heavier is better, right? The Crazy Light 2’s defy that notion.

On the Court

Wanting to really put the shoes to the test, I decided to give them a trial run with a few pickup games over a few weeks. The first thing you’ll notice is how free your feet feel as you move on the court. You’ll feel like Muhammad Ali, dancing your way around your competitors. (Well, not exactly, but you get the picture.) After a few games, you’ll appreciate the lightness of the shoe as they prevent your legs from getting fatigued. Just think about this, after a few rounds in the ring even boxing gloves feel like cinder blocks so something light is helpful late into games.

The reason Adidas has been able to shave so much weight off of the Crazy Light 2’s is SPRINTWEB which maintains the structural integrity of the shoe withoug adding bulk. The SPRINTWEB also allows for breathability, an ideal feature if you’re not playing in an indoor air-conditioned court.

Best Features

Once you get past the lightness, other things start to stand out. While the Crazy Light 2’s do not have padded ankle support like the Adidas Rose 2.5s, a heel plate in addition to a frame that wraps around the ankle provides ample support without hindering lateral movement. They also have a nicely textured sole that delivers traction without rubbing smooth on tarmac surfaces. These shoes will certainly have a long court life.


While all of these advancements are all well and good, perhaps the greatest one is what this shoe is capable of. The Crazy Light 2 features the ability to add a micoach speed_cell™, which will allow you to measure stats like time spent on the court, distance, speed and more. How can this help you? Simple, if you’re getting tired during games, now you can see how much you ran and train for those distances in the gym.

Perhaps the best part is that micoach speed_cell™ sits in the base of your shoe and it syncs wirelessly to your phone when you get near it. A convenient no hassle system.

Definitely an innovative product, it will be interesting to see how rival brands respond to the design and technology associated with the Crazy Light 2 in the coming months. For now though, this has to be, arguably, the best basketball shoe on the market. 



adizero Crazy Light 2






4.0 Stars


The world’s lightest basketball shoe is put to the test.

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The world’s lightest basketball shoe is put to the test.


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