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Stone Cold Steve Austin's Favorite Rides

Are you in the market for a new set of wheels? Steve Austin has driven just about everything over the years, from old-time classics to the newest muscle machines, find out which were his favorites.

Q: You’ve said that you love to drive and would take up any opportunity to get behind the wheel of just about anything. What are you driving now?

A: I’m sitting in my 1995 Ford Bronco as we speak— one of the most iconic American vehicles to come off the assembly line. It has 37,000 miles. I actually bought it on eBay. My other vehicle now is a 2007 four-door Chevy. That damn thing has only 30,000 miles on it, so I can’t in good conscience flip that truck. I will never sell that truck.

Got any advice for a guy who’s in the market for a new truck?

Right now I like the Ford Raptor - that truck is badass. But you can't drive a Raptor in L.A. - that thing is six to eight inches wider than a normal truck. So that's a drawback. It’s already tough enough to drive a four-door truck in L.A. I drive the Bronco because it turns on a dime and I can park where I want to. If someone chipped the paint on my Bronco, yea it would suck, but if it were my brand new Ford Raptor, I’d be hotter than a firecracker.

If I were pulling a camper, it’d be the Chevy three-quarter or one ton with the Duramax engine. So, if I were buying, I'd go with the Raptor or Duramax.

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I’m looking for a new set of wheels, but I may decide to go retro and get a classic. I love speed and power so I’m torn between classic American muscle or some of the new ones on the market. Any thoughts?

As far as cars go, I’ve had a couple of twin-turbo 911s. I live in L.A. and have a ranch in Texas, and to get to the ranch it’s 15 miles of country road after you get to the town. You have to have four-wheel drive to get there once it starts getting sh-tty. So I don’t own two-wheel-drive vehicles right now. I’ve had three corvettes—great car, but I don’t want another one.

I would probably have to get something from the muscle-car era. Either a Chevelle ’68-’70 or the badass ’68 Mustang - I really love the Steve McQueen Bullitt car. The Ford GT40 is also great.

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