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The Epic Perfection of Halo 4 [REVIEW]

The gaming world has waited with bated breath to see if Halo 4 could live up to expectations. Now the suspense is over, and the hallowed franchise reigns supreme once again.



Big IP releases give hardware manufacturers like Microsoft a chance to capitalize on the frenzy and release a special edition-themed console. It’s fitting, then, that this year’s Halo 4 console is, like the game itself, literally the biggest of its kind ever produced. No special edition Xbox 360 has been able to boast a 320 GB hard drive, which, if you use your console as a cable box and find yourself downloading a ton of movies and TV shows, is (almost) a necessity.

Consoles like this one, though, aren’t about necessity; they’re a celebration of fandom, and this bad boy doesn’t disappoint in that department, either. The unit is housed in translucent gray panels with blue and silver highlights that give it the appearance of a piece of Forerunner technology that you might run into during the game. The two pack-in controllers bear similarly detailed markings, and the power and eject buttons on the console, when pressed, emit two distinct sounds that will be familiar once you’ve played for a few hours. The massive hard drive and two controllers would be enough to justify the $400 price tag, but a standard edition Halo 4 game disc also comes with the package, which hasn’t always been the case with special-edition Xboxes. If you need to replace a cranky old Xbox or simply want a functioning work of game art in your living room, here it is.



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