Top 10 Running Essentials for Spring/Summer 2014

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Top 10 Running Essentials for Spring/Summer 2014

From moisture wicking apparel to wireless headphones and switchlock sunglasses, we've got the shortlist of what every runner needs.

You might assume vests are just a fall weather thing, but not so with the ArmourVent Run Vest. Paired with a base layer, it’s a good way to go—your arms remain unhindered, and your body warm where it counts. Ripstop woven fabric makes the ArmourVent’s construction light and durable, but tough enough to block wind or rain during a frisky spring. Mesh panels sits snugly against your core keeping you cool and dry in summer. Reflective logos and graphics make for safer low-light runs. And of course, anti-odor technology prevents your shirt from stinking after a sweat bath.


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