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What's Better Than the Standing Desk?

The revolutionary Level helps get your heart pumping while you are at work.
Nick Ferrari

To stay active without bolting from your chair and running laps around your cubicle farm every hour, try this amazingly easy solution: Work while standing on a Level from A rockered platform with a wood deck and aluminum frame, the patent-pending Level creates a 3-D motion in the sagittal, transverse, and coronal planes, shown to up heart rate 15% over sitting.

We made the mistake of letting a staffer try the Level—and almost had to beat him with the damn thing to get it away from him. His review: “It’s such a simple concept, but, man, does it make standing more enjoyable. I was moving around without even thinking.” He ended up with a plea: “If we don’t have to return it, I know a guy who’d love to keep it.”

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