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Gifts for Every Fitness Level

Consult our handy holiday shopping list for any man, whether his curls come in dumbbell or cheese form.

New Year's Resolution Maker

So, you have a friend who's determined to get their body where it belongs and that's great. But, it'll be a bummer if you have to watch them give up. Help reduce the odds of that happening with a few thoughtful gifts. Gold Bond Extra Strength Medicated Body Powder $8 It seems a little silly to give a guy friend some powder he's likely going to be sprinkling on his nuts, but a little bit of awkwardness on your part will go a long way toward keep him coming back to the gym. Basically, you stuff it in their stocking, they stuff it in their shorts, and they never have to suffer the evil pain of chafing. Nothing derails good gym intentions like what's essentially adult diaper rash. Plus, you're saving them the trip into the drugstore to buy it. Now that's what being a bro is about. Get it at

Polar Bottle Wood Grain $24 Buying bottled water is lame. It's expensive and have you seen what plastic does to those sea animals? Tragic. That's why a good reusable bottle like the Polar is great to have on hand. The stainless steel, double-wall construction is impressive when it comes to keeping your drink cold and the manly wood-grained graphic is a lot more appealing than most of those transparent, pastel, plastic joints. The lid uses a unique opening mechanism that requires only a slight turn of the top to grant instant access to hydration. Make them keep it close at all times and smack them if you see them without it. Get it at

Breville Juice and Blend $499 For someone who has been living life on the dollar menu, getting the proper amount of fruits and vegetables into the diet can be tough. While juicing can't deliver 100% of the benefits you get from chomping down on whole fruits and vegetables, it does go a long way toward getting your body the nutrients it needs. The Breville Juice and Blend is a precision instrument, made from stainless steel and using a five-speed motor that maxes out at 13,000 RPM. It also works as a regular blender, too, so you can use it for protein shakes or guacamole. Delicious. Just make sure they don't get desperate and try to juice a pizza. Get it at

Ogio Locker Bag $69 This boxy bag has room inside for your sneakers, a towel, your gym clothes and just about every toiletry item you could possibly need. It keeps your clothes separate from your shoes and is narrow enough to fit inside the lockers you'll find at most gyms. When you're done working out, you can huck it in your car until it's time to do it all over again the next day. If they keep it packed, they'll never be able to use the cheap, "I forgot my sneakers" excuse again. And they'll also never have to explain the embarrassing, "I forgot my deodorant" excuse at the office. Get it at



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