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Gifts for Every Fitness Level

Consult our handy holiday shopping list for any man, whether his curls come in dumbbell or cheese form.

Weekend Warrior

The fittest guy you know who doesn't have a gym membership, the weekend warrior gets his workouts on the mountain biking trails, the slopes and pick-up games. Grid 2.0 Revolutionary Foam Roller $65 You probably know the value of rolling out your muscles when it comes to mobility and recovery. But the concept can still seem fairly odd to the uninitiated. The Grid 2 is 26 inches long and five inches in diameter, so it's perfect for pushing all that post-workout tension out of your muscles. The textured pattern on the outside of the tube allows users to customize the intensity of their rolling routine based on desired outcome and pain tolerance. Their IT bands will be sending you a thank you card. Get it at

CCM U+ Crazy Light Hockey Stick At 425 grams, this stick is, as the name suggests, crazy light. It's made from aerial grade carbon, so its durable enough to survive plenty of face-offs. But, while it's light and strong enough for serious competition, it also offers an oversized sweet spot on the blade and a contoured shape to help keep the puck under control at all times, even if you're more Happy Gilmore than you are Wayne Gretzky. Get it at GoPro HD Hero 2 Now that the internet exists, accomplishments don't really count unless you can post a video of them to YouTube. GoPro's latest helmet cam can help you do that and a lot more. It has the ability to pull 1080p video with sound under just about any conditions you can throw at it. The wide angle lens and image stabilization keep your footage nice and steady, so you can actually watch video of yourself shredding without having to lay down afterwards from motion sickness. It even takes time lapse photos, which is great if you're doing something that takes a really long time, like running a marathon or putting together a book shelf from Ikea. Get it at Kona Jake the Snake $1,200 Cyclocross is a wonderful sport. You ride what's basically a burly road bike over epic trails that are usually swamped with mud and hurdles. The races themselves are great fun and the best part is how easy it is to start competing. Kona's mid-level cross bike is tough enough to survive the CX course, but is also nice enough to look at that you won't mind pedaling it to the store. Plus, the tires are slightly fatter and the geometry is a little more relaxed than most road race bikes, facts that your giftee's groin will appreciate if they're not seasoned in the chamois region. Get it at



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