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Gifts for Every Fitness Level

Consult our handy holiday shopping list for any man, whether his curls come in dumbbell or cheese form.

Gym Rat

This guy schedules his social life and career around his workouts—and not the other way around. Get him the kind of indoor training gear that will enhance something he already loves. Reebok RealFlex Run Custom $120 Barefoot runners are great for certain things, but for a do-it-all shoe, it's nice to have a little more squish. Reebok's RealFlex runners have an array of individual cushioning modules that let them flex with the foot. At the same time, they still provide enough padding that they won't punish you for a little bit of heel strike. Go through Reebok's website to get them and you can make a custom colorway that could be anything from understated black on black to a totally wild neon mess of Fresh Prince proportions. Get it at

Sennheiser x Adidas MX680 Headphones $70 Many fitness-oriented headphones sacrifice sound quality for the sake of durability, but the audio guts in these earbuds are provided by trusted headphone maker, Sennheiser. The buds are surrounded with a unique EarFin to keep them in place and the cord has been reinforced with kevlar to make it more durable. They also made them bright yellow, which may not go with everyone's workout attire, but it sure will make them easier to find when you're trying to dig them out of the bottom of your bag before a 5:30 AM workout. Get it at

Buddy Lee Aero Speed Jump Rope $40 Six-inch aluminum handles are strung together with a customizable rope to create one of the smoothest and sexiest jump ropes around. It uses a special swivel bearing system, which give it the ability to whip out five to six rotations per second. It's adjustable for people under 6' 5" tall and even comes with a wrench for getting it just right. Skipping with this thing can make for an insane workout and once you've honed your skills, you can go show those little girls down at the playground what's really up. Get it at

Moto ACTIV When attached to its watch band, the Moto ACTIV looks a bit like an iPod Shuffle on HGH. It's built around Google's Android platform, using apps to track your workouts with integrated GPS. You can store music on the internal memory and the ACTIV will also keep track of what songs motivate you to perform the best. Then, it'll combine those songs into one high-performance playlist. Of course, you could always just check out our motivational playlists instead. Get it at



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