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How Far Would You Go for the Perfect Poker Face?

Attention gamblers: you won’t believe what one New York doc is betting dudes will do to up their game at the card table.

Listen up, men. (And we swear we’re not pulling a fast one on you.) Just when you thought you had heard everything, there’s now a Manhattan doctor who has developed a Botox treatment for poker players. Really. This is happening. Meet PokerTox, y’all.

The goal? The procedure, which is the brainchild of Jack Berdy, M.D., the Medical Director of SmoothMED in New York City aims to give you the upper hand in competition by helping you hide your facial “tells.” Yes, by exchanging a wad of cash for a few carefully placed fillers, you’ll never again give your cards away with any unfortunate eye, mouth or forehead lines. From the press release: "With an adjusted concentration, our experience, and practical skills of facial sculpting, we can give you a rested affect or accentuate expressions as you may desire.” Hm.

So what do you think: will he be getting a whole bunch of dudes in the door for injections? Even though botox use for men has skyrocketed over the past decade, we’re willing to bet no. It's like you're sacrificing your money (and maybe even your dignity) before you even sit down at the table...


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