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Mark Wahlberg Reveals his Secrets to Staying Buff at 41 [VIDEO]

Some of his answers might surprise you. Plus, the two sports he thinks are toughest.

How exactly does Mark Wahlberg—badass boxer in The Figher, tough guy in Entourage, and (next role on deck) navy seal in Lone Survivor—stay fit? We wondered the same thing when he graced the cover of our 25th Anniversary issue for his hilarious role in Ted in July. He alluded to his hardcore, ever-changing workout rountine, but we had to know the specifics. So Men's Fitness Editor-in-Chief Michael De Medeiros went to Pittsburg for an exclusive interview to find out.

The answer surprised us. Nope, he's not just lifting weights or crushing circuits for those rock hard abs like you'd think. He's actually focusing mostly on cardio and nutrition. How? Well for starts, he plays basketball at 5:30 in the to find out more. Plus, the two sports he thinks are toughest, how he manages his slower metabolism, and the ball-busting story about the first time his three-year-old son met The Rock. 



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