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National Puppy Day

Celebrate by adopting, taking your pup for a walk—or watching cute puppy vids.

Here's a reason to show your four-legged friend a little bit of extra love today: It's National Puppy Day.

Yup, it's a real thing. In fact, according to the National Puppy Day website, Puppy Day, which occurs annually on March 23 is now considered a national holiday. Colleen Paige, the Editor-in-Chief of Pet Home Magazine and author of "The Good Behavior Book for Dogs" founded national Puppy Day in 2006 in an effort to educate people about puppy mills and encourage them to adopt. 

So, if you've thinking about getting a dog, here's your sign. If you already have a pup, show him (or her) your appreciation by getting outside for a run. Be sure to follow these 9 Tips for Running With Your Dog. Or, there's sure to be no shortage of cute puppy vids circulating the interwebs today if that's how you should choose to celebrate. 

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Happy #NationalPuppyDay everyone.


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