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Occupy Wall Street: Protester's Paradise [Pics]

Squalor, disease, malnutrition, lack of medical care and other things that we couldn't find.

Our first impression when we surveyed the grim scene at Zuccotti Park, where Occupy Wall Street protesters have set up a home base, was that it wasn't very grim at all. Crowded, definitely, but more of a hippie commune than a tiny slice of Mumbai in Lower Manhattan. Not to mention, now a bigger tourist draw than the Wall Street Bull.

Sorry, Bull.

We even got a D-list celebrity sighting in the form of Jon Foster from the CBS sitcom Accidentally on Purpose.

But it was the propaganda, prayer circles and on-site food and health care that got us really concerned. Surely these folks were reading socialist texts, puffing ganja, eating rat- and maggot-infested crusts of bread and being poked with used, rusty syringes by someone who got their medical qualifications on the Internet.

So, out of concern for a budding public health crisis, we walked seven blocks to document the despair. View at your own risk...


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